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Our Cardiff facility has been shortlisted in the Data Centre Hosting/Colocation Supplier of the Year category.


Whitepaper: Unlocking the potential of AI and ML with a sustainable IT infrastructure

In a recent discussion, a group of industry experts explored what may be required from today's IT infrastructure for organisations to maximise the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Whitepaper: Driving Fintech competitiveness with flexible digital infrastructure

Download our whitepaper to discover how explosive market growth, disruptive new technology and increasing competition means that cost-effective, flexible digital infrastructure is critical for Fintech success.

Whitepaper: Top 5 reasons why colocation is the right choice for your HPC requirements

Explore the challenges of setting up in-house HPC infrastructure and discover the top 5 reasons why some of the world’s leading firms are turning to colocation for the answer.

Whitepaper: Transforming the eCommerce experience with flexible digital infrastructure

Operating a data center is an expense that enterprises can minimise by outsourcing to a specialist provider

Whitepaper: How to set up your own HPC

High performance computing (HPC) is the latest highly desirable addition to enterprise IT, but should you run it in-house or use colocation facilities?

Whitepaper: A guide to choosing data centres fit for the digital economy

Looking for your next data centre? Find out which questions your business should be asking. Compare and evaluate data centers against your unique requirements.

Whitepaper: Colocation Choices UK

This eBook highlights the advantages of Vantage’s Cardiff data centre campus, the benefits of colocation facilities and best practices for choosing a communications partner.

You’ve really got to question paying premium rates for data centre real estate and power in large city areas like London. There aren’t too many data centres on the planet that can tick the unlimited power box.

Data Centre Lead, WIPRO

Consummate professionals providing world class facilities and a first class delivery, they have met considerable challenge to implement a bespoke solution for an IBM High Performance Computing managed service solution and remain a valued partner of an extending IBM team.

UK Data Centre Business Area Manager, IBM
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