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Our Cardiff facility has been shortlisted in the Data Centre Hosting/Colocation Supplier of the Year category.

Why Vantage Data Centers Cardiff

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The data centre landscape in the UK is constantly evolving with enterprise customers presented with a wide choice of partners for colocation, high-performance computing and other data centre services. So, why should you select Vantage’s Cardiff data centre over others?

Here are a few good reasons why we think you should choose us:

Key Features

  • SCALABILITY: Three data centres once fully developed, two of which are now operational, offering 2 million sq ft of flexible space overall
  • POWER: 148MW of upgradeable power and direct 400kv connection to the UK SuperGrid
  • COOLING: State-of-the-art environmental controls and customisable “to the rack” solutions
  • EFFICIENCY: Economies of scale, efficient use of space and a range of complimentary services, all under one roof
  • SECURITY: 24/7 on-site security operations, built to meet strict UK government standards
  • CONNECTIVITY: A carrier-neutral campus with low latency, 23 telco providers and cloud gateway connectivity
  • RESILIENCE: Built-in redundancy and failover, with 100% uptime since opening in 2007
  • SUSTAINABILITY: A commitment to the climate, with 100% of energy from renewable sources


Built to Tier III standards, the CWL1 campus is one of the largest data centres in Europe. Housed on a 46-acre site, 40 minutes west of Bristol, it comprises over 2 million sq ft of space.

The sheer size of the site provides tenants with massive growth potential, significant economies of scale, and the ability to effortlessly flex to meet future demand for high-performance, high-density computing.

More power

The CWL1 campus provides N+N topology for redundancy and boasts 148MW of upgradeable power to support densities between 2Kw and 125Kw+ per rack, suitable for the most demanding of high-performance computing applications.

The campus also features direct, private 400kV connection to the UK SuperGrid, backed by highly resilient generation and UPS systems.

Keeping IT cool

The Cardiff campus deploys multiple cooling technologies, including indirect evaporative air handling units and dry cooler CRAH-based systems in conjunction with highly efficient pumped DX systems. 

In addition, a range of customised “to the rack” cooling systems supports are available, including liquid to chip, hot/cold aisle, chimneys, in-row coolers and plate heat exchange.

Operational excellence

People, processes, and technology all come together to deliver operational excellence. From intelligent asset monitoring and management to proactive maintenance, our focus is on delivering continuous, controlled improvements to the performance and predictability of our campus. The result is everything from 100% uptime to outstanding PUE and complete operational transparency.

Colocation Supplier of the Year DCR Awards 2022

Security first

Physical security includes military-grade fencing, digital tripwires and multiple IR CCTV towers with diverse power and connectivity feeds; all complemented by anti-ram raid blocks, traffic management and double airlock gates. 

Layered access is controlled by the 24/7 SOC, with CCTV monitoring, multi-factor authentication, secure trunking, airlocks, and additional security custom fitments can be implemented if required.

Stay connected

The Cardiff campus is served by 23 telco carriers, including multiple Tier 1 providers, and features an additional, independent fibre route. Customers benefit from low latency between London and Wales, with access to the London Internet Exchange (LINX) and our dedicated London Connect service. 

CWL1 also offers Cloud Gateway, facilitating direct access to leading public cloud providers such as Microsoft ExpressRoute. 

100% Renewable Energy


2,000,000 sq.ft

100% Uptime since opening in 2007

Business continuity

Data centres are a key component of resilience and business continuity for many organisations, and multiple points of entry, multiple failover and private connection to the UK SuperGrid combine to place continuity of service at the heart of Vantage’s Cardiff data centre offering.

We have maintained 100% uptime since opening in 2007.  

Environmental responsibility

The CWL1 campus prioritises sustainability and environmental responsibility. 100% of the power used by the facility is from renewable resources. 

We were the first UK data centre to affect a UK Climate Change Agreement, and remain committed to continuous improvement, from recycling and use of motion-sensing LED lights to air-to-air heat plate exchange and drought-resistant landscaping.

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